Financial Planner & Expense Tracker

The power-couple of financial freedom!

Introducing, Live Lively x The OneUp Project!!

For the go-getters, the goal-setters, and the dreamers.

This Financial Planner & Expense Tracker duo is the PERFECT first step towards financial freedom. Together, these products will help you plan, budget, goal-set, and ACHIEVE all the financial goals you desire.

Financial Planner Pad: set a monthly budget that accounts for all your repeated expenses & savings goals and helps you generate a monthly spending allowance

Expense Tracker: track all your purchases/expenses throughout the month to help you stay accountable, on track, and on the way to achieve your goals!

This duo will...

  • Be a guide to organise your finances and give you freedom
  • Empower you to be in control of your money
  • help you track/record all purchases and expenses
  • identify your 'wants' from your 'needs'
  • track your spending budget

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