Invest in YOU

by Sarah Kelsey

The basis of development in my mind comes from wanting to be more educated about something, no matter what it is. But I think a good place to start that education, is with yourself. With social media and a more connected world in general, the opportunity for comparison has never been so prevalent. Further to that, it becomes even harder to know WHO you are because there are so many different things to be. There isn’t much of a career ‘norm’ these days, people all over the world are doing all sorts of different things and it’s our responsibility to work out where we fit into that. Stressful huh? So how do we find out who we are?

If you listen to my podcast, you’ll know how important I think it is to know your strengths. Of course weaknesses too, but I think we could all name one thing instantly that we suck at whereas something we are good at might not be as easy? The easiest way to find this out is to chat to a close friend or family member. What traits do they notice about you and LOVE. You might even be surprised by their answer. If that doesn’t work, I recommend completing the Clifton Strengths Assessment. It is an in-depth analysis of your strengths based on your answers to various situational questions. And in my opinion, it is 100% accurate. This has changed my outlook on not only myself but other people too as it’s important to understand that most people won’t see the world in the way you do.

If you would prefer to have a few prompts, I would suggest trying to answer these three questions:

1.What is something people tell you they admire about you/think you’re good at?

2.Think of an activity you enjoy doing – ask yourself why you enjoy that activity, what element makes you happy? (e.g socialising, working independently, competition).

3.What does a successful life look like to you? (Is there anyone who comes to mind or any certain thing? What can you change to achieve this or head in this direction?).

My biggest takeaway from my podcast so far has been, stay curious! I think at least 80% of the guests have encouraged listeners to learn as much as they can about what they love or just life in general. I have taken this on board and now treat every situation in my life as a learning opportunity. There is no such thing as a perfect person, and I know I have a lot to learn. Take advantage of the people and resources around you and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Especially when it comes to financial literacy – There is no standard on what we “should know” as this will usually be a result of what your parents and close circle know. Take advice from those you trust, and gain a range of perspectives to develop your own thinking.