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A safe place to discover new perspectives on financial literacy, business, career, health & self-development in an easy to understand, relatable way.

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Taking Breadcrumbs

The OneUp Project Podcast is a collection of stories and reflections that contribute to the development of host Sarah and the people who listen.

By sharing experiences through authentic vulnerability, we create a more informed society who aren't afraid to ask questions.

We replace judgement with curiosity and take breadcrumbs of value from each persons unique perspective.

I believe that...

everyone should have the freedom to make choices aligned with the person they want to be and life they want to live.

This podcast journey has introduced me to hundreds of industry leaders and experts both inside and outside of the financial space. The best part of hosting OneUp is getting to know the listeners personally and learning together.

I am no financial or personal development expert, but I am curious. The OneUp community is here to support your growth, no matter your stage of life or learning.

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